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Technology Consultancy

We specialise in delivering bespoke technical solutions in the fields of Software Development, Virtual Reality, Touchscreen systems, Robotics including PLC, SCADA and Mechanical Systems, Engineering, Electronics from original design level through to mass production, Product design, AI research, Audio Visual Systems and also a full range of on-site Servicing solutions.

Case Study 1 : Bimanual control system for EOD

(C++, UE4, VR, Vive)

This is a research level project investigating the use of bimanual interaction techniques for ordnance disposal. Advances in robotics have resulted in the latest mobile ordnance systems offerring dual manipulators with human-like hands for improved operator precision. Actuating these robotic limbs to maximum efficiency using systems in the field with limited haptic feedback remains a challenge that this work investigates by utilising alternative feedback systems.

Case Study 2 : Touchscreen system for live performance

(C#, Monogame, Windows, Multi-touch)

This was a time-critical development of interactive, multi-touch software for an international government-funded performance that took place in South Korea to celebrate the work of a world-renowned pottery artist.

The system used a multi-touch based physics engine to simulate natural motion and permit movement of ceramic elements on-screen which then used network communication protocols to control a powerful multi-media system. The result was an entirely new form of instrument unlike any other ever created.

The project was delivered on-time and our client reported high satisfaction.

Case Study 3 : Nuclear Power Station Simulation

(C++, OSG, CAVE, Octave, VR, Total Immersion, Quadro, Vicon Tracking)

We provisioned an interactive CAVE immersion simulation framework using our free Singledeck software for University of Salford research purposes. This system provides an accurate, documented interactive model of key parts inside a Nuclear Power station for further research from the university to build upon, thus allowing them to focus upon their research strategy without distraction.

Case Study 4 : Servicing

(On-site, Servicing, Electronics, Christie, Projection, VR, Stereoscopy)

Our client required servicing and repair of a Christie Mirage S+3K projector for their CAVE facility. These projectors are a premium item but end-of-life. We were able to diagnose the problem, salvage parts from another projector, and return the CAVE system to full service for minimal cost.

Sean is the Director of SM Robotics.

Sean holds an MSc in Robotics, a BSc(Hons) in Professional Sound and Video Technology and is completing a PhD in Virtual Reality Interaction (Jan 2019 TBC). Sean has extensive business experience and further information can be found on Linked In

The SM Robotics service comprises a number of highly-specialised freelancers who I build custom teams from and then employ full-time on your project. This ensures you get the best, most agile and the fastest goal-oriented results as opposed to our competition who like to drag things out and stay in their comfort zone.

If you have a project you think we might be able to help with, please get in touch and lets discuss what we can provide for you.

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Singledeck Software

Singledeck is our free compact, fast, portable C++ VR research software that we have developed in-house as a robust alternative to the more complex systems commonly used in CAVE systems. It is ideal for use when complete code-clarity and verifiable results are preferred over cutting edge graphics.

  • Multi-screen Virtual Reality CAVE software based on OSG.
  • Fast, small, robust alternative to expensive VR alternatives.
  • Entirely C++ based with zero dependencies.
  • Cross platform for Windows and Linux.
  • Software and source code available entirely for free.
  • Installation and support services also available.

Bi-manual Interaction Research Game

Prototype Singledeck Engine.

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