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SM Robotics was founded in 2015 to deliver bespoke, multi-disciplinary technical solutions spanning the fields of Robotics, Electronics, Engineering, Software Development and Virtual Reality. Since our formation we've continued to adapt and transform in line with our core goals in order to deliver in a number of sectors. This strategy has ensured that we have been able to grow and even thrive during these recent difficult years.

Electronics Contract Manufacturing (2023)

During our time with Audiostorm we came across many companies and individuals with fantastic product ideas which they were either laboriously making by hand, outsourcing unreliably to distant manufacturers with impossible customer service, or who simply had not yet found the right partner to develop and launch their idea. In keeping with our original remit of support and assist, I decided the time was right to invest and begin providing our ECM services.

Currently (March 2023) we are installing the machinery, including our pick and place machine, conveyor reflow, wave solder machine and much more. I'm aiming for a July 2023 launch at the Brighton Guitar Show. I'll be replacing this website with a modern one that allows for easier updates (and spell-checking!) in the coming months but in the meantime do please follow the Audiostorm Instagram or on Youtube where I'll be adding videos of the installation process and machinery.

Audiostorm (2020)

During the pandemic period consultancy work became difficult to obtain, so SM Robotics purchased the rights to produce electronic effects units under the brand Audiostorm. SM Robotics Ltd. is now the Trademark owner of Audiostorm and manufactures and sells these units direct and globally through, woocommerce, Reverb, Ebay and Amazon platforms. You can visit us in the UK at the many guitar trade shows we exhibit at.

Technology Services (Est. 2015)

We initially launched as a Technology Consultancy and quickly acheived registered supplier status for the University of Salford, with whom we partnered on several projects in our formative years.

Subsequently we sought out interesting projects where other companies were failing to deliver and created a reputation for rapidly fixing projects that were over-budget, behind schedule or where the existing company lacked the skillset to deliver. These included:

  • Virtual Reality simulation of nuclear environments for disassembly training. This project was used as part of our client's bid to obtain NNL funding.
  • Ten finger multi-touch software for complex real-time control of remote multi-media systems. This project was used for an international live performance and went on to be further developed by other 3rd parties.
  • Soft robotics control systems. We handled the process of designing and manufacturing control systems for pneumatic actuators at a component and board level.
  • Research work to help improve the fluidity of bimanual robotic teleoperation. We provided the core mathematical code for visualisation projections, for managing the logical interaction possibilities of two hands and converted the vast amounts of logged data into a queryable database format suitable for research.

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